• Comic Strip・・・英語をいちから勉強する人向けです。基本的な事から英語を解説していきます。
  • Blog・・・ここでは英語レベル関係なく英語に関する事を書いていこうと思います。

入園料無料、24時間営業なので、 いつでも遊びにきてください。


About this website

This zoo is run by me;zoo director/website owner,and Mr Paul; the only zookeeper, and many animals. This website is a zoo website for the beginners of English study, and English learners who are willing to study English more.  Also This website includes good information for Japanese learners.

  • Comic Strip・・・English explanations for Beginner’s level.
  • Blog・・・The articles about English study or learning languages etc… regardless of English levels

When it comes to learning new language I often hear “Don’t be afraid making mistakes”. I agree with this idea.  So I am going to write English on this website in order to spread information more.  But I would make a lot of mistakes.  If your are native English speakers, let me know my mistakes.  I appreciate you an advance.

Btw, Zutto means forever in Japanese, so Zoo Tó Eigo means like Study English Forever.
This zoo is open 24/7 and the entrance fee is free, so you are always welcome!