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Meeting the Future Family



ZooとThoughts is created to motivate your learning of English. A language is not only vocabulary and grammar, it is also grown from culture. By learning about culture, the language becomes even less foreign because you are able to understand the nuances within the vocabulary and grammar. If you are in a conversation with someone and you are discussing a topic it is important to understand the words they are saying, the context in which they are saying them, and the culture that helped shape that opinion. That’s what this page is meant to do – help you understand on a deeper level.

Meeting the Future Family

Meeting your significant other’s (SO) family is a really important step in your relationship in the US. Most of the time partners will discuss when it’s an appropriate time to meet the parents, and they will give each other guidelines on how to act around their parents. Sometimes, or probably most of the time, people try to instruct or tell their parents as well about what to not to talk about or bring up. It makes sense to tell your partner how to act around your parents, but why would you talk to your parents? The reason is that, most parents in the US like to tell stories about their children, and what might have been funny when you were a kid is now embarrassing once you’ve become an adult.

There are quite a few American movies that depict these types of situations, and if it’s not the parents trying to embarrass their kid, then it’s their siblings. Siblings are of course the most annoying people on the planet because of the simple fact that they know everything about you.

I remember asking my mom if she was going to show embarrassing pictures of me or tell any kind of stories, she didn’t have any plans to do that, but my siblings were a different story. I have an older brother in particular who loves to embarass me any and every chance that he gets. When he got married, I did the same thing to him. I made sure to get out my blackmail pictures, and have a list of embarrassing stories to tell his SO.

In a way, I think this is a good part of American culture. It can be really embarrassing, but it’s also a way to find out more about your SO than you knew before. Sometimes you can uncover the reasons behind quirks and personality traits or you just have a way to understand them better. For Americans, these embarrassing stories are special and intimate views into who their partner was before they met them.

Do you have this in your country?

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