#TW in JPN

no1. Rie Miyazawa – Nov 1st. 2016 Trend Words in Japan

no1. 宮沢りえ-2016年 11月1日 日本のトレンドワード


1.Who is She?

Mr Owl: Hi How are you doing, my student parrot?

Little parrot: Not bad.

Mr Owl: Good, good. So Today’s trend word is “Rie miyazawa/”.「宮(miya)」 means “palace” and 「沢(sawa/zawa)」 is …Idk, and Rie is just woman’s name. Actually, Eri is more common in Japan.

Little parrot: K. I don’t ask you what you don’t know. So, who is she?

Mr Owl: She is a very famous actress. In my opinion, her public awareness is over than “Shoebill”…

Little parrot: WOW!

Mr Owl: Yes! Now she is 43 years old and her tranquil, adept, and calm acting is accepted to wide range of Japanese people. She is an amazing actress!

2.What happened to her on this time?

Little parrot: Why are many Japanese talking about her recently?

Mr Owl: AFFAIR….

Little parrot: ….

Mr Owl: She and Gou Morita, who is also a famous celebrity or a member of famous idol group, called V6, traveled to Okinawa. After the argument about divorce mediation between she and her ex-husband got settled down last March, she had a new boyfriend. They always were very close and looked very happy in the plane. Do you have any questions?

Little parrot: What is Okinawa like?

Mr Owl: My friend in Okinawa said it is Hawaii of Japan. Actually I have been there once and it was nice place, but not Hawaii. Cannot compare them…Any more question?

Little parrot: Where is the island?

Mr Owl: South. Don’t you have any questions about them?

Little parrot: Doesn’t matter others love affair to me.

Mr Owl: Oh…that’s good.


Mr Owl: Today’s lesson is over. But if you are interested in this topic, you can research them more. The keywords are…

  • Rie Miyazawa : Public awareness level= more than shoebill
  • V6 : Public awareness level= same as sparrow
  • Gou Morita : Public awareness level= same as sparrow

You will be familiar with Japanese celebrities and POP culture! Thank you for joining my lesson and see you next time!


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