#TW in JPN

no2. Yu-kyan – Dec 3rd. 2016 Trend Words in Japan

no2. ユーキャン(Yu-kyan)-2016年 12月3日 日本のトレンドワード


1.What is that?

Mr Owl: Hi How are you doing?

Little parrot: I’m good, but just wondering why you didn’t give this lesson for 1 month?

Mr Owl: Oh did you miss this class? Okay, I will do more often if you want. But actually, the reason is just the matter of reward. They do not pay me well, Sometimes I fell I should change the job but at the same time changing the job is risky, you know? Do you think can I do that?

Little parrot: well… you cannot do that.

Mr Owl: Hey, say “You can!” Because today’s trend word is…

Little parrot: umm…yu-kyan? …OH! that means “You can”,isn’t it?

Mr Owl: Yes! And it is the company which is offering correspondence education, and wide range of specialized courses on the specific fields to get certificate. Certificate is always required if you want to get a job.

Little parrot: Do you have a teacher’s license?

Mr Owl: (smile)

2.What happened to that company on this time?

Little parrot: So what happened?

Mr Owl: The company is offering a big event of “The trend words Award” every end of the year. They decide some trend word of the year.

Little parrot: How big is it?

Mr Owl: Our conversation is like a piece of shit if we compared. So you should not think about that.

Little parrot: Yeah, you are right. Hope our zoo is picked up by them in the future.

Mr Owl: Good, little parrot! And you want to know what happened to them, right? Yeah? Okay. The company is so famous in Japan, so you can find them on wikipedia, but some of the contents on the page were edited in a bad way, changed wrongly because the company chose the phrase “保育園落ちた、日本*ね”as a candidate of the trend word. The meaning is “I was rejected to enter a nursery school,Go to hell, Japan”. (Literally, “Die Japan!”)A anonymous who seems the mother who wants her child to go to the school and wants to work, tweeted after being rejected on twitter. In Japan, the government encourages women to work, but there are not enough kindergartens and nursery school. The tweet became a famous social problem, some people agree with her argument, some people disagreed the expression of “Go to hell, Japan” in spite of the fact that she also seems Japanese.

Little parrot: wow that’s why the company itself became a trend word now… interesting…

Mr Owl: Yes indeed.

Little parrot: Well, I totally understand how sad she was, but insulting the society with like F words after being rejected seems …too childish for me. Some adults are still childish even if they graduated from kindergartens…Unfortunately she is one of them.

Mr Owl: Oh…good point of view, little parrot…wait, Do you regard me as childish too…?

Little parrot: (smile)



Mr Owl: Today’s lesson is over. But if you are interested in this topic, you can research them more. The keywords are…

  • ユーキャン(yu-kyan/ You Can) : Public awareness level= more than dove
  • 保育園落ちた、日本*ね : Public awareness level= same as crow

You will be familiar with Japanese celebrities and culture! Thank you for joining my lesson and see you next time!

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