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no3. Kuri-bocchi – Jan. 2017 Trend Words in Japan

no3. クリぼっち (Kuri-bocchi)-2017年 1月 日本のトレンドワード


1.What is today’s expression?

Mr Owl: Kuri-bocchi

2.What’s that?

Little parrot: I know “Kuri” means “chestnut”, right?

Mr Owl: Yeah, but in this case, Kuri stands for “kurisumasu”, or “Christmas”.

Little parrot: Wow and what’s “bocchi”?

Mr Owl: Have you ever heard “Hirotibocchi”? It means “alone”or “lonely”.

Little parrot: And “bocchi” means the same as it and the short expression?

Mr Owl: Yes!

Little parrot: Got it, then “Kuri-bocchi” is Lonely, and alone on Christmas day…That’s you…



Mr Owl: Spending Christmas day alone, or without boyfriends or girlfriend, that’s “Kuri-bocchi”. Yeah, I do not know why I do not have my partner in spite of being old enough …

Little parrot: well…age is not big deal…

Mr Owl: Thank you. Say hi to your girlfriend.

Little parrot: Yep!

  • クリぼっち(kuri-bocchi) : Public awareness level= Same as owl

You will be familiar with Japanese celebrities and culture! Thank you for joining my lesson and see you next time!

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