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Respect animal’s lives and give up dishonourable trophies

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Nowadays people have a huge impact on the environment, so it’s time to think of creating a sustainable society for the future and for our descendants. ZooとSustainable means zoo and sustainable, but also “forever sustainable” because zooと, zoo tto, means forever in Japanese.
We do not aim on endorse or insult a particular group or people. We do not aim to join any particular group. We would like to enhance the awareness about how important we think our sustainable society is.

An Opinion

When I watched Mr. Trump playing golf with the Japanese Prime Minister in Japan, you looked a nice and good American guy. I still believe you are so.

The topic that I would like to talk about is about reversing the law that prevented bringing home hunting trophies from overseas, specifically elephant trophies in Africa.

Why does the Trump administration want to reverse the ban on trophies from hunting elephants? Is it because of the economy? Is it because he has hatred toward the former Obama administration?

Even if the reversal is to conserve the animals, it shouldn’t be achieved by hunting for sport. Even if the reversal is for the animals themselves, I don’t agree with that, taking animal’s lives should be managed under strict rules and based on relative and specie specific research, not a hunting game.

The president is rethinking about the reversal according to his tweets on Twitter. I believe he will make a great decision.

We cannot see what is happening in the White House, so we do not know how they reached the agreement to the (temporary) reversal, but I would like to make a comment on it: Respect animal’s lives and give up dishonourable trophies.

I hope these small opinions around the world can make a big change.


Take care,

Zoo to eigo,


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