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Seasonal sales in the U.S.



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Seasonal sales in the U.S.

It’s too hot outside to even be thinking about Christmas right now, don’t you think? But if you’re go to the United States during this time you are bound to see sales and advertisements for things like Christmas in July, Black Friday in July, and you’ll even start to see decorations for Christmas in stores like Walmart. Honestly, it’s a good time to start to buy things especially for the new school year, which in the US runs from mid-August to early June. During mid-July to mid-August there are lots of sales that help students, parents, and teachers prepare for the start of the new school year.

In my home state, Tax Free weekend is in early August and it is definitely the busiest time of year for places like office supply stores. Currently the state sales tax in Florida is 6% plus an additional 1% tax for my county. When I go to buy school supplies for college I have to pay 7% in sales tax. I used to work at Staples and since people could save so much money during tax free weekend (our regular sales were still happening as well) it became so busy at my work, It felt like Christmas.

Most sales are accompanied by holidays in the United States, whether it’s the Fourth of July sales, Veterans Day sales, and of course the massive event that is Black Friday. Black Friday has escalated to being a week long event that leads up to the actual Black Friday, and this is probably a good thing as the crowds on Black Friday are something out of an apocalypse type movie in that, everybody is running for their lives to get the most bang for their buck during the Christmas season. And there are good deals. I once got a $40 label maker for $10. The chaos usually starts between 3 and 5am Friday morning. It is not rare to see people in their pajamas on Black Friday spending their entire paycheck.

If you make a trip to America, take a moment to learn about the holidays and see if you can notice all the sales that go along with it. And if you decide to embark on the adventure that is Black Friday, please stay safe and enjoy.

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