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Two Ply Toilet Paper



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Two Ply Toilet Paper

I can assure you that the rest of the world is definitely impressed by Japanese toilets. Who could have ever imagined that toilets could be so technologically advanced? Meanwhile in America we seem to be very interested in toilet paper, and how to keep our bum clean. I didn’t know that this was specific to America until I spent the last month here in Japan and never saw one toilet paper commercial. The US may not have futuristic toilets, but our toilet paper game is very strong.

Now that I’m thinking about it I know more about toilet paper and I’m more picky about it than I would like to admit. That’s the funny thing about going to another country, you expect the big cultural differences, but it’s the small micro things that tend to get to you.

For example, all toilet paper in America comes in a roll of square sheets. Here in Japan, I’ve noticed that one sheet of toilet paper is a long rectangle. My OCD self has definitely come out because, I’m pulling the toilet paper expecting it to be square and then it rips unevenly. Besides that, and it may just be where I’m staying on top of the fact that I haven’t actually searched for this in stores, but I haven’t seen two ply toilet paper. Please, let me know if it exists here. It’s such a strange thing to miss, really. The commercials in America for toilet paper treat it almost like it’s a specially designed blanket. They talk about the toilet paper having mega strength, being ultra strong, and ultra resistant. It’s so weird to think about even now.

So while Japan has technologically advanced toilets, the US has specially designed toilet paper. I will miss Japanese toilets.

Do you have two ply toilet paper in your country?

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