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Hey guys! I’m Aims from Zooと英語.com. I went to see the launch of Falcon Heavy by SpaceX. Today I want to try to tell you about my experience there. Also I want to give some quick insights about the company, SpaceX and the CEO Elon Musk. Plus, I took the video of the whole launch so please check it out! It was amazing!

【1】 30秒でわかるスペースX関連情報/30 sec Quick view of SpaceX

待って、エイムス!ファルコン ヘビーってそもそも何!?イーロン・マスクってどんなマスク?ってみんなに30秒ぐらいでざっくり分かってしまう写真と表を用意したわよ!これよ!

For anyone who says, “Wait Aims! What’s Falcon Heavy? What kind of Mask is Elon Musk?”, we prepared a snapshot to understand the details a little bit better. I think you can get useful information in 30 seconds!

Elon Musk 2015
スペースX CEO イーロン・マスク【 wikipediaより 】

【 About Elon Musk/ イーロン・マスクについて 】

English 日本語
Name/名前 Elon Musk イーロン・マスク
OCUPATION/職業 Business magnate、CEO of Space X, etc… ビジネス界の大物、スペースXのCEO、など
Birth Place/出生地 Pretoria, South Africa 南アフリカ プレトリア
Birthday/生年月日 June 28, 1971 1971年6月28日

【 About SpaceX/ スペースXについて 】

English 日本語
Company/名前 SpaceX スペースX
Industry/業界 Aerospace 航空宇宙
Founded/設立 May 2002 2002年5月
Headquarters/本社 California カリフォルニア
Engine/エンジン Merlin, Kestrel, Draco マーリン、ケストレル、ドラコ
Rockets/ロケットの種類 Falcon1, Falcon9,Falcon Heavy ファルコン1、ファルコン9、ファルコン ヘビー
Falcon1/ファルコン1 Success rate 2/5 打ち上げ成功率 2/5
Falcon9 v1.0/ファルコン9 v1.0 Success rate 5/5 打ち上げ成功率 5/5
Falcon9 v1.1/ファルコン9 v1.1 Success rate 14/15 打ち上げ成功率 14/15
Falcon9 v1.2/ファルコン9 v1.2 Success rate 8/9 打ち上げ成功率 8/9
Falcon Heavy/ファルコン ヘビー Success rate 1/1 打ち上げ成功率 1/1

【 About SpaceX/ スペースXについて 】


The one on the right is Falcon Heavy that I watched this time. Lovely!

Falcon rocket family4
【 wikipediaより 】

【2】 打ち上げの動画/Launching Video



【3】 ファルコンヘビーはマジでHEAVYYY/BIG Falcon HEAVYYY!!!

February 6th for me was, 600 miles/965 kilometers, 12 hours, a partial sunburn, and one historic event which is: The Falcon Heavy launch!

These are the three main points that I want to tell you about watching Falcon Heavy:

  • ロケーション/Location
  • ロケット/Rocket
  • コストの話/Economic Wrap Up



In my video you’ll see that I was pretty far away from the Falcon Heavy. My brother (who’s voice you can hear in the video) and I drove down to Titusville which is about three hours away from Tampa. We were trying to avoid being in a part of the city that was too busy since there was an estimated 100,000 people that were going to see the launch that day in person. So, we ended up on the side of the river about 12 miles/20 kilometers away from the rocket. Originally, the rocket was supposed to launch at 1:30 but it was pushed back because wind speeds in the upper atmosphere were too high (fast). It was actually kind of sad because people started leaving like 30 minutes before the launch, because they believed that the launch would be “scrubbed”. My brother and I were intent on staying though, so I do have a little bit of a sunburn because of how long we stayed out in the sun. But seeing the Falcon Heavy go up is totally worth a little sunburn!



Falcon Heavy is not the largest rocket ever made but it is the most powerful rocket currently. It can lift 64 metric tons into space, and the boosters used to lift it can return back to earth and are able to be reused, which will save us a lot of money. Each of the boosters has nine engines that lifted Falcon Heavy into space. After a certain point, lever arms eject the boosters simultaneously and they head back to Port Canaveral to land. The middle booster separated later and unfortunately was not successful in its landing because, a few of the engines failed to ignite upon reentry and it missed the drone ship that it was supposed to land on. As a result it slammed into the water at 300 miles/482 kilometers per hour. But considering that a large amount of people thought the launch was just going to be a really nice fireworks display and fail, the launch of Falcon Heavy was a huge, although not complete success!

コストの話/Economic Wrap Up

US政府、スペースXに限らす、大事なのはコスト面にあります。ファルコンヘビーのような新たなテクノロジーのコストは再利用が可能です。これは環境問題にもかかわりますよね。今、地球の周りに宇宙デブリっていう宇宙に散らばってるロケットとか人工衛星などの破片、ゴミがありますからね。なので、サステナビリティーの発想をもって全力で宇宙開発に取り組んだイーロンマスクは、まじでGood Jobだと思いますよ。もし効率的にできたら、おそらく世界規模でエコノミックジェネレイターになるんじゃないでしょうか。アマゾンもブルーオリジンっていう独自のロケットを開発中です。ファルコンヘビーの開発コストは約98億円です。NASAが同じように作ったら約1096億円と見積もられていますからね・・・。多くの人々は未来を変える大きな一歩だと期待しています。THANK YOU SPACEX FOR AN AMAZING LAUNCH!

A concern of not just the US or SpaceX I think is, the cost of funding new technology like Falcon Heavy, beyond that the problem has been that rockets were only available for one time use. There’s also an environmental problem because, we already have a debris belt orbiting our earth from old satellites and rockets. So, I really admire that Elon Musk has put the time, energy, effort, and money into building a sustainable method of space technology. If he can do it effectively, then just maybe it can be a huge economic generator for the whole world, Amazon also has their own rocket company called Blue Origin that has been making progress. The known cost for building Falcon Heavy was 90 million USD, NASA’s similar plan cost estimate is 1 billion. A lot of people are saying that this is a big step towards changing the way we travel in the future. I want to believe them. THANK YOU SPACEX FOR AN AMAZING LAUNCH!


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