A Deer Hit My Car (part 2) – ZooとThoughts

A Deer Hit My Car (part 2) – ZooとThoughts


ZooとThoughts is created to motivate your learning of English. A language is not only vocabulary and grammar, it is also grown from culture. By learning about culture, the language becomes even less foreign because you are able to understand the nuances within the vocabulary and grammar. If you are in a conversation with someone and you are discussing a topic it is important to understand the words they are saying, the context in which they are saying them, and the culture that helped shape that opinion. That’s what this page is meant to do – help you understand on a deeper level.

Aftermath and Research

Hey guys! Again, it’s been a very stressful week and I’m convinced that university is where you learn to survive on only four hours of sleep, coffee, and energy bars. This is part 2 of my deer experience and if you didn’t get a chance to read the first one please click here! So let’s pick up where we left off.

I’ve never had to call the police before, so this experience was completely new for me. When I called our car had actually just passed the county lines so the dispatcher had a little trouble in figuring out which county’s police to send to my area. Another problem was that even though I drive this road every night, a lot of the roads in Florida change names as you drive along. For example the road that I was on that night is called Linebaugh Avenue but when you cross the county line it becomes Forest Lakes Boulevard. Oh my gosh, it gets so confusing in Florida! Anyways, I asked the dispatcher if they could pinpoint my location and eventually they found out where I was and transferred me over to the dispatcher for the other county.

Once the cops arrived, I felt better and safer. The road we travel on is very dark and wooded, and after the accident I feel intense apprehension every night, since we have to pass by the same spot still to go to work. My eyes strain every night now to watch for deer or anything else in the middle of the road. Creepy, right? The cops told my mom that night that if the deer had hit anywhere else on the car, the crash would have been fatal. We’re going to be able to end the job soon, so we won’t have to drive through that area anymore, and really I’ll be so grateful.

I’m taking a physics class this semester at my university, so I asked my professor about the car crash, because there were just some odd things about it that I didn’t understand. For one, when the deer hit the window, glass quite literally exploded in the car. It hit the back side window and glass ended up in the back windshield and the front windshield. My mom was covered with glass, in fact, even last night I got a very tiny piece of glass out of her scalp. I know for most people in Japan, you would go to the hospital probably. For us, what we would be told is that the glass is too small for them to take out and to just wait for it to come out naturally. Also feel free to read this post on why American’s don’t like to go to the hospital.

The whole glass thing is what’s perplexed me the most because, I thought that all the windows on a car were safety glass. I’ll rephrase how my physics teacher explained what safety glass is. It is essentially two pieces of glass with a sheet of very sticky plastic in the middle, so that if the window breaks debris does not enter or exit the car in a crash. The window will shatter, but stay in place. Safety glass is usually on the front and back windshields and the front side windows. Remember, the deer hit the back side window in my car. My professor actually had to do some research because, like me, he thought that all the windows were safety glass. It turns out that windows that don’t roll down on cars, or the back windows are not safety glass, but actually tempered glass which is meant to break into a thousand pearls of glass instead of shards. Car manufacturers and safety people believe this is better so that you don’t get big shards of glass in your body.

So it’s mystery solved! I had to go ask an expert opinion for this post, so let me know if you enjoyed it!


What’s Your Opinion?

I want to know, what your thoughts on this culture point? Leave a comment below. Is it important to you? Do you have a deeper understanding now? Is it important in your culture or family culture? Please let me know what you think, what you would like to learn next! Please share this page with your friends so we can grow our community!

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