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Fidget Spinner Trend

Fidget spinners are a product that is trending in the US currently. Most people consider it to be a toy, but it’s original purpose was for kids that couldn’t concentrate well in class. Some of these kids may have ADHD, Asperger’s, or experience other kinds of psychological stress. Many people believe that fidget spinners can help both kids and adults because it allows for people to place their stress in a more quiet object than if they were to click their pens constantly, shake their legs, or even pace. Some even find that just watching the fidget spinner spin is helpful for them, because it takes their nervous energy and channels it into the fidget spinner. This allows for them to work more productively and quickly. For people who need to be doing multiple things at once, a fidget spinner can actually help them get more work done.
    Some schools have banned the product though, because it has the propensity to be able to be a toy rather than a helpful device and schools don’t want students to have unnecessary distraction. Some fidget spinners can light up and flash, and a lot of people modify them to spin faster or turn everyday objects into fidget spinners. There are even people who have drilled holes into their new iPhone 7 to turn it into a fidget spinner! Beyond that, people are learning how to do tricks with their fidget spinners, and are freestyling their own moves.
The fidget spinner is following a trend wave in the US for gadgets that supposedly help people be more productive. Before the fidget spinner there was the fidget cube which has multiple buttons and knobs on it, it achieved the same goal as the fidget spinner but it had a slightly more clunky form. But these types of fidgeting devices have been around since the early 90’s in many forms of stress balls, squishy jelly, and lots of other products.
    Of course humans aren’t the only ones that find these toys fascinating. Please watch the video below of a cat enjoying a fidget spinner!


YouTube Video

Cats like to have fun with fidget spinners too! I will post it soon on Youtube!

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