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I’m Extremely Sorry/人気Youtuber ローガン・ポールについて – ZooとThoughts



ZooとThoughts is created to motivate your learning of English. A language is not only vocabulary and grammar, it is also grown from culture. By learning about culture, the language becomes even less foreign because you are able to understand the nuances within the vocabulary and grammar. If you are in a conversation with someone and you are discussing a topic it is important to understand the words they are saying, the context in which they are saying them, and the culture that helped shape that opinion. That’s what this page is meant to do – help you understand on a deeper level.

Zooとthoughtsはアメリカ人のAimsが書いていきますが、今回のTopicは人気Youtuberのローガン・ポール/Logan Paulのあの事件についてです。Aimsはアメリカ人として”申し訳ない”という気持ちで、またアメリカの報道に対しても意見があり、今回の件について書いています。翻訳も下に用意しましたので、参考にしてください。-Taka

I’m Extremely Sorry-Aims

Hello everyone! Of course, I don’t know how many people will see this but, I feel it’s important right now to address the recent news about what Logan Paul the Youtuber did on his trip to Japan. First off I want to apologize. I am so deeply sorry that an American went to Japan and filmed such a thing as he did at the Suicide Forest and that he ran around Japan making a mockery of it. I’m sorry that our news outlets here have only addressed what his immature actions will cause him, and that haven’t reminded other Americans that when we go to another country we should respect it.
As for me, I believe that anytime you travel to another country, or even a different town, you’re representing where you come from. It’s embarrassing as an American that we have such a bad reputation when we travel abroad. When people travel abroad they should respect the culture they’re visiting and try to integrate themselves into it as much as possible in order to fully experience it, that’s what I believe.
I hope that you know that not all foreigners are like Logan Paul. A lot of us who are interested in Japan and want to visit there, care about the culture and really want to learn all that we can.
I for one promise in my own small way that, if I know of someone traveling to Japan I’ll tell them about some ways that they can respect Japanese culture and not make a mockery of it. Japan is not a theme park. It’s a wonderful country with very generous people who should not be taken for granted as a way to get views on YouTube.



I’m Extremely Sorry/翻訳(Translation)-Taka

こんにちは、みなさん。どれぐらいの人が見るかわかりませんが、Youtuberのローガン・ポール/Logan Paulが日本旅行においてした事について述べる事は重要だと感じます。まず最初に、謝りたいです。アメリカ人が日本に行き自殺の名所の樹海で撮影、日本をからかうような撮影をしたことについて、申し訳ありませんでした。アメリカの報道では、単に「彼の未熟な行動が起こした事」と言うのみで、他の国に行った時には敬意を持つべきてあると言う事については言っていません。
すべての外国人旅行者がローガン・ポール/Logan Paulのようではないと皆さんが理解されている事を願います。日本に関心があり、訪れたいと思っている私たちの多くは日本文化を大切に思い、できるだけ学びたいと思っています。


まとめ(Wrap up)-Taka

This case made me rethink the importance of the fact that we should respect the culture. Aims, who is an American co-owner of this website, has a strong reaction and felt embarrassed about what he did and American broadcasting, and she decided to write about this topic here.
Up to now, 370,000 signatures to close his channel are collected from all over the world. Personally I do not often watch such kind of YOUTUBE channel, like a racket in a public space, but finally he seems to exceed the limits of commonsense.
Like Aims says, “Respect their culture in foreign countries”, this is what I reconfirmed.



Thanks for reading.


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