Troubling Tarrifs/やっかいなアメリカの関税

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Troubling Tarrifs/やっかいなアメリカの関税

Today I will sum up an article on Bloomberg View by Megan McArdle. It covers an interesting point of view about the recent tariff debates in the United States, specifically over solar panels and washing machines. The problem clearly stated is: by increasing tariffs on imported consumer goods like solar panels and washing machines, we are actually harming the workers who work in those industries domestically, consumers of these products, and ourselves in the race for clean energy which will lead to a better environment.

McArdle specifically focuses on washing machines. While most of the attention has been directed towards solar panels, McArdle argues that where consumers and businesses will feel the hit first is with washing machines. By increasing the tariff on washing machines, there’s an immediate effect on consumers because the price of the product goes up. Brands have already said that they will put the extra costs on consumers, so it’s not the brands paying the tariff, but the consumers in the end. As introductory economics shows, as the price goes up, demand will fall which means that retail companies that employ workers to sell these products will have less profit. And we all know too well by this point that the first thing a company does to save money and cut costs is to cut their workers. So now, maybe not immediately, but given a year maybe, as people buy less washing machines, there will be less workers needed to sell washing machines.

Finally, each year brands have been debuting new products that save both water and electricity which results in both savings for consumers on their utility bills as well as beneficial for the environment. As the brands have to deal with higher tariffs for exporting their goods, and less people buying the finished product, they too will have less incentive to create these better washing machines. Why make something if people aren’t going to be able to buy your product because of higher prices?

In summary, the new tariffs that the US is imposing on solar panels, washing machines, and most recently steel and aluminum, have a negative impact on consumers and workers in the US.

Reffering to : “Ode to a Washing Machine” on Bloomberg

Troubling Tarrifs/やっかいなアメリカの関税 訳

今日はブルームバーグのMegan McArdleの記事を要約しようと思います。アメリカでの最近の関税に関する議論です。特にソーラーパネルと洗濯機です。「ソーラーパネルと洗濯機の輸入する際の関税を引き上げたら、アメリカ国内の労働者や産業、消費者、環境を考えて生きている私たち自身に悪影響がでる」という問題です。




参考 : “Ode to a Washing Machine” on Bloomberg


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