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no. 19 Today, Gorilla is also Anemic



Today, Gorilla is also Anemicの和訳

Gorilla: Hey, I’m anemic. I need to get a blood transfution. Is there a gorilla with the same blood type as me?
(ゴリラ: 貧血なんだよ。輸血が必要だと思う。ボクと同じ血液型のゴリラいる?)

Mr. Paul:Everywhere.

Caption: B is the only blood type for gorillas.
(キャプション: ゴリラの血液型はB型だけです。)

Today, Gorilla is also Anemicの基本解説

Hey, I’m anemic. I need to get a blood transfution. Is there a gorilla with the same blood type as me?

  • “anemic”は「貧血の」という形容詞です。”anemia”が「貧血」という名詞です。

  • “need to do”は「〜する必要がある」です。便利な表現ですので覚えておきましょう!

  • “blood transfution”、”transfution”は輸血という意味です。”trans-“は”移動”を連想させる言葉ですね。



  • 直訳で大丈夫ですね。


B is the only blood type for gorillas.

  • “the only A” で「唯一のA」です。


Today, Gorilla is also Anemicのちょっと深く



Japanese Lesson for Japanese Learners

I always think what else I can do for many language learners. One of my friends living in Ecuador asked me”how can I enjoy the website?”, and when I got the question, I came up the idea to build up Japanese lessons more. I will start explaining the Japanese translation on my comic. Hope this will help your Japanese study and get interested in learning Japanese more. I am going to be talking about…


In my opinion, Japanese people are really care about the blood types and all of Japanese people know their blood types. That’s it teresting isn’t it? They say we learn their charasteristics and nature by the blood tpyes. I personally don’t care about that because it is too simple to recognize them only by four blood type differences. The blood types are only four but human natures are so many, more than four. However, even if you say that, some people still say blood type is the key to understand people. That’s interesting. Maybe such stubborn people’s blood typles are…. B haha

Today, Gorilla is also Anemicのまとめ

最近寒くなってきましたね。あなたの住む街もかなり寒いことでしょう。私がTorontoにいた時は-20度になったりしてとても寒い思いをしました。そこまで寒くはないと思いますが、風邪ひかないようにしっかり栄養をとって語学学習に励みましょう!貧血にならないようにしましょうね〜!A sound mind in a sound body.「健全な精神は健全な身体に宿る」ですので、しっかり食べて健全な精神で勉強すると効果大です!

Hey guys! Thx for comimg here. Do you study Japanese? Keep your nose to the grindstone? Yeah? Cool beans, cool beans! My friend living in Toronto sent me a video of toronto… It looked sooo cold! I love Toronto but I don’t wanna go back there now. Be careful and do not chatch a cold otherwise you cannot study Japanese, right?

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