【 Book Review】The Hustle Economy

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【 Book Review】The Hustle Economy

The Hustle Economy; Edited by Jason Oberholtzer and Illustrated by Jessica Hagy

The hustle economy


The Hustle Economy: Transforming Your Creativity Into a Career (English Edition): Advice From 25 Creative Entrepreneurs is a really wonderful and easy book to read. Each creative entrepreneur gives their advice through a personal essay, so the book is not wrote by one person; rather, it is a collection of essays that have been compiled by Oberholtzer and Hagy. This format makes the book really easy to read and interesting because you get to see the different writing styles of all these people. The industries of the entrepreneurs range from bloggers and artists to professors and game designers, so there is a wide range of people who have been able to turn their creativity into something not only fun, but also profitable. In truth, I think the stories are all linked because they all emphasize the hard-ass work that it takes to make it in each industry. The best part about the essays is that each entrepreneur has come up with a list for you (the reader) to act on in order to start turning your creativity into a career.

2.【3 reasons to read 1】Relatable: True Stories

This book does a great job relating to the reader through the entrepreneurs stories. Being able to relate just how difficult the industry is, is key aspect of the book. It makes you realize that it’s not all fun and games, but it’s still stories that you can relate to and inspire you if you think you want to become a type of creative entrepreneur.

3.【3 reasons to read 2】Relevant: It provides you with “Act On This” lists

This book is not just a bunch of words on a page; at the end of every essay each entrepreneur gives a list of two to six actions that you can take immediately after reading the book. The lists are supposed to help you understand yourself more and take immediate action towards your goal – whatever that goal is. I think these lists are useful beyond even being a creative entrepreneur. It is possible that in the changing economy being able to apply the creative part of your brain is important for any industry.

4.【3 reasons to read 3】Reliable: Insight

One of the best things about this book is actually how rooted in reality it is. I think in the year 2018, it’s very common to think that jobs on the internet are an easy way to make money. None of us really think about the time and effort it takes to learn video editing, photography, internet marketing, online selling, coding, artistry and a whole myriad of skills that are needed to be your own boss. This book fixes that skewed perception. Since the entrepreneurs are the ones writing the essays, they are able to make it blatantly obvious just how much work it takes to pursue a career in creativity. One entrepreneur said that they were working 60 hour weeks consistently for a few months until their website was profitable. A normal work week in the US is 40 hours.

5.My thoughts

I think this book is really important and poignant for the current generation, and I don’t just mean millenials by that, I also mean our parents generation, and the people younger than us who are growing up in an increasingly global and difficult economy. A lot of people no longer feel that they have job security and especially in the US, there is a growing sentiment that employers don’t have their employees best interest at heart. I know more and more people who are pursuing being their own boss, being an entrepreneur and giving up working for somebody else. The Hustle Economy does a great job of telling the honest story of how much work being your own boss is going to take but, I think at the end of the day, more and more workers are starting to feel that working for themselves is worth it. Even if they have to work more than they would at a normal eight to five company job. We’re all going to have to learn how to hustle, in every industry, every company, and each position, whatever you want to do, you’re going to have to hustle for it.

【English Note】

Hustle: The current definitions for hustle are not quite equal to what this book represents. A working definition for hustle would probably be: working consistently and fervently hard, always doing your best to obtain the goal.

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